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Official Rules

Post  michaelfinnie on August 11th 2010, 10:43 pm

I. No Spamming (Announcements or Events)
II. No racism
III. No sexism
IV. no trolling
V. no hacking
VI. No Excessive Threatening
VII: no spawnkilling ingame
VIII: no abusing admin powers (This includes spamming, kicking players without a valid reason, generally being rude or abusive to other players, and also using your administrative powers to break any of the above rules.)

The Khromatic Killers Clan Administrators reserve the right to punish transgressions against these rules as we see fit. Punishment includes, but is not limited to, a ban (Temporary or Permanant depending on seriousness of transgression), being removed from the KKC (Temporary), being removed from the KKC (Permanant), loss of member privelieges (Including Admin rights, official site access, and any and all associated privelieges), bans for specific servers (Temporary or permanant.). If you have someone to report as a rule-breaker, please notify [KKC] {Ranger/Wolf} TJ<3 Shan. Report only facts, not opinions. Reports containing excessive cursing or insults may be disregarded, and any action by the above administrator is considered sanctioned by the Khromatic Killers Clan. Attempts to explain will be heard, only if they are level-headed, and follow the same rules as above (No excessive cussing or insults). The Khromatic Killers Clan reserves the right to provide fair and balanced trial for the accused, and any and all decisions made should be considered final.

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